Reaching New Heights at Stone Mountain Park

Everyone knows that residents of Atlanta apartments have an innate love of adventure, but where can adrenaline junkies go to get their fix in the great outdoors? Combining pulse pounding activities and stunning woodland views, Stone Mountain Park has quickly become the go-to destination for Atlanta apartment residents eager for an exciting retreat.

Tired of the usual nature trail scene? Well Stone Mountain Park practically guarantees a unique experience in their popular Sky Hike, a treetop-spanning stroll over a series of wooden bridges and roped crossways located over four stories above the forest floor. Not quite high enough? Then hitch a lift aboard the Summit Skyride, a high-speed cable car that will have you convinced you’re in the Swiss Alps in no time. Soar 825 feet to the top of Stone Mountain, catching a close-up glimpse of the Confederate Memorial Stone Carving on your way.

While many parks pride themselves on their live music series, Stone Mountain truly takes the concept to another level with their Lasershow Spectacular. Currently featuring a special “Our Music Is Georgia Music” tribute, this epic display of lights, fireworks and surround sound blasts of regional hits such as ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia’ has become a favorite of residents of Atlanta apartments for good reason.

Still not impressed? Then hop aboard the 1940's-style railroad for a 5 mile scenic trip around the mountain, where conductor Fire Box Floyd will highlight historical spots along the way. So whether you’re looking for sweeping views of the Atlanta area or just a spectacular fireworks display, Stone Mountain Park is sure to be a day out you won’t soon forget.For more



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